The story of two American soldiers behind enemy lines on D Day. IMDb


Let’s talk about a recent film this time, a WWII ‘biopic’, Bad Robot’s OVERLORD.

Thanks for the 5-star reviews, get well soon Jaimie and Bri, Diablo Immortal, pusillanimous: /ˌpjuːsɪˈlanɪməsadjective : showing a lack of courage or determination; timid, the filmmakers behind Overlord, ORPHAN spoilers, casting on, Branagh & Dench’s new project, The Seven Basic Plots, the opening of Overlord, the real D-Day, WW2 casualties by nationality, Saving Private Ryan, BATTLEFIELD I, birthing scene, French language, trailers suggestions, Josef Mengele, IMDb goof…

/ 30:56 is when we enter a discussion on controversial subjects like race and political correctness, we end it at 54:16 /

…old style movie titles, Anouk almost left the cinema, overcoming the monster plot, Ford and being a soldier, physicality, foley and our ratings.

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Russians involvement in WWII:

WWII casualties:

With regards to the IMDb goof:

Controversial discussion:

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