The troubled life and career of the jazz musician, Charlie “Bird” Parker. IMDb

(Recorded during the World Cup of football, during FISM and before we recorded Whiplash.)

With us today, Francis Girola, our mentalist friend, ACS trainee too, who was with us to discuss  ‘The Prestige’ earlier this year.

Enjoying a glass of cuvée ‘Fontfresque’ rosé wine and talking about the World Cup, what were you doing aged 19?, news about Francis’ virtual band ‘Sonic Winter’, Bird’s poster (story time), notoriety, FISM, Lindsay Ellis on the 30-years nostalgia cycle, plot, money vs art, « suffering for your art » myth, chaotic narrative structure, football, drugs, race, Eastwood’s directing style, actors and updating the questionnaire.

Introducing a new word in our podcast lingo:

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