Agent Strahm is dead, and FBI agent Erickson draws nearer to Hoffman. Meanwhile, a pair of insurance executives find themselves in another game set by Jigsaw. IMDb

And here we go again, 6th entry in the SAW franchise.

The return of bilingual corner, Mr. Bluetooth’s real name is Ericsson, is there a trail of bad actors in that franchise?, a bit of Venom, Peter Outerbridge, The Merchant of Venice trap, Tanedra Howard (won the reality show Scream Queens and the role of Simone Bethson in Saw VI and Saw VII), picking up from previous film, plot, flashback inside flashback inside flashback, Jigsaw’s acomplices, is Jill in on it?, the contents of that mysterious box from a previous film, getting Cary Elwes back in the franchise, 3D was wanted on this one but time constraints and the directors were not happy about it, Screen X gimmick af, Futuroscope & Parc Astérix, insurances, we don’t want the hero/victims to survive, we don’t care (paradigm shift), carousel trap, “playing states”, Mark Rylance as Iago, Costas Mandylor as Hoffman, let’s analyse Adam! (Jesus Superstar stage story), Ericsson and team discovers Hoffman’s voice is on the tape, retconning, we bought a zoo?, where is this all happening?, hammered dulcimer tune, best acting of the franchise (?!), Paranormal Activity comes and kills this franchise, giving up, last film was supposed to be two movies but box office did not agree, SAW VII shall be last, Venom spoilers, Amanda’s letter revealed and our ratings.

Yann was in the middle of a nasty cold from London hence the weird voice modulations sometimes.

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