Awright Listeners!


The youngest member of the podcast, Adam could be considered the founder of The Good, The Bad & Just Plain Standard.


While sitting in a screening of The Beguiled (2017) Adam’s mind wandered to funny names for a movie discussion podcast. The rest is history. (Maybe one day we will review that movie)


Adam couldn’t think of anyone better to host a podcast with than his classmates and production company members Anouk & Yann. Together they would wade through the countless films of 20th & 21st century to find the ones worth investing time in.


As an Actor and a Musician rest assured that if a movie has good soundtrack Adam is all over that film.


So sit back and put your feet up. Enjoy an episode or 2. Most importantly remember…


 You Listener, are Good, None of you are Just Plain Standard!!


(PS… Don’t snapchat and cinema ever…. Just saying)

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