Yann popped out of his mother circa 1979.

Fast forward to present times.

Former navigator/signalman in the French Navy, he left the Forces when divergences of opinion arose.

It was time to get into winemaking in the family’s vineyard and after of year of doing just that, he took the horns of the bull in his balls and left his past life behind to pursue the acting career he has been thinking about since 1996.

It is towards the charming hamlet of Glasgow that he intently fixed his gaze and completed a year of training at ACS, a Govan-based professional acting training studio which has nothing to do with RCS from whence David Tennant and James McAvoy came.

His Hamlet obsession makes him a rather peculiar individual, some people say he was seen playing ‘The Maniac’ for two nights, the twisted lead character in Dario Fo’s ‘Death of an Anarchist’.

Notwithstanding the fact that the French hate everybody, he managed to make some good friends during that year of training. And said friends constitute the core of what is known today as ‘Milk In A Wineglass’, a production company named after an event so insignificantly important that they use their improvisational skills to devise a new origin story each time someone asks for the reason the company is called that way.

With this year of golden knowledge under his belt and ready to hit the audition floor, he immediately noticed that Nina Gold was not harassing him with 2am calls about lead parts in Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Fearing not the lack of interest, he decided to use his networks and resources to ‘get into the biz’ one podcast at a time.

From the devious minds of his now co-hosts Adam Dick and Anouk Aslam Wulfing, blossomed the idea of ‘The Good, The Bad and The just plain Standard’ podcast.

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