Into Yann’s Vault today.

New and improved post-appendectomy Adam, cheers to Glasgow NHS services, 9/11, plot, The Beatles, cameos, theatrical vs extended cut, the Wonders in Japan, « Careful girls, he is engaged. », Jimmy and Faye, Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler, Uncle Bob was played by Chris Isaak (not Harry Connick, Jr.), starstruck stories fiction and reality, Spiderman PS4, fear of flying, American Graffiti « where are they now? » style of closing credits, success stories, favourite characters, Del Paxton recordings, theatrical cut stays in the Vault or not?, breaking news about Papa Johns, we got fans!!; shout-out to Dexter, Peter & Pierce, the family episode (050.C), horror month is coming (SAWctober?), MANDY & Legion M, Yann stops watching trailers and our brand new outro.

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