Set in 431 BC during the Pelopenesian War, play as either a male or female mercenary as you embark on your own epic odyssey to become a legendary Spartan hero in a world where every choice matters. IMDb

Another Anouk-less episode, when we finally touch Assassin’s Creed.

How we were introduced to the Assassins, Ubisoft bugs, Unity, The Witcher 3, Cult of Kosmos, multi-branches storytelling, Kassandra lascivious ways, DLC, weird things, getting spoiled, XBOX One X vs PS4 Pro, Helix store (micro transactions), subscription model, mythology, missed opportunities, area level adapting to character level, XP preserved after cap level, ’This is not Assassin’s Creed’ turning point, the ship, Black Flag, Yann being dumb, preserving historical texts, when we talk about FILM being reused we meant TAPE (you can’t reuse film, except for double exposure reasons but you can obviously record many times on tape, Georges Méliès’ films were actually melted down to recover silver and celluloid to manufacture heels for soldiers’ shoes), Adam got it right about the Florida Project, piracy, ending?, final points, ratings and Youtube Rewind 2018.

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