“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  Andy Warhol

(PART 1)

To be perfectly honest, I did not plan on going back to the Fringe after my few days at the start of August. However, an epiphany occurred, followed by a series of other epiphanies.

The major one, during Hamlet,  being documented in the gallery below.

We will record an #EdFringe2018 special in September, hopefully with 3 guests who performed at the Fringe in 2016, 2017 and 2018, all from ACS‘ full-time course.

We will talk about shows we liked but just like last year’s episode, we may not talk about all of those so here is a list of all of those I personally liked. (I will go into more details as to why some of those on the list in our special episode itself.)


Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet / Hamlet: An Experience / Hamlet – Horatio’s Tale / FILTH

With friends in it:

War With the Newts / The EU Inspector / I, Sniper / The Edge of YouSex, Drugs and a Cup of Tea  / Aaron Calvert: DECLASSIFIED


Darkfield’s FLIGHT Faulty Towers the Dining Experience


Baby Face / Woyzeck / My Right / Left Foot – The Musical

Magic & Improv:

PhantasmagoricalColin Cloud: Psycho(Logical) / Spontaneous Potter

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