Did you watch M. Night Shyamalan’s SPLIT in 2016? Did you watch UNBREAKABLE 16 years earlier?

The trailer for a brand new crossover film named GLASS has been released 4 hours ago, what do you think?

I really liked UNBREAKABLE, the right amount of originality with an excellent treatment on the superhero subject, way before the MARVEL frenzy.

I am torn on SPLIT, I liked the film but was annoyed being sold 23 characters being played by James McAvoy; it was a lie.

We were told that James McAvoy’s performance in SPLIT was the best achievement in his career so far. Bollocks! We talk about his best film below.

I promised myself to avoid trailers from now on because they are filled with spoilers. I did watch this one and I’m torn, again.

GLASS may very well be terrible or may very well be good.

In Theaters January 18, 2019


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