Hello there, Yann here.

There is a little neat thing I have in store for you all.

On The Good, The Bad and the Just Plain Standard podcast, we’re talking about films we watched together (or not) but we are essentially dealing with entertainment pieces which can be enjoyed easily on the silver screen for a limited time and then forever on our TV.

We sometimes delve into theatre, either in single episodes (when we all went to see said piece) or during our yearly Edinburgh Festival Fringe episodes. See here, here, here and here, or even there and there.

For some reasons, we can’t all three of us always see the same plays all the time. This is when a need to keep track of what I’m watching felt necessary; a way to keep my memory refreshed about those plays I went to see, if you will.

Which essentially means that I’m doing this new podcast for me and I’ll be happy if people come along on the journey while being perfectly fine if only a man and his dog turn up.

It won’t be as researched as The Good, The Bad and the Just Plain Standard and it shall never (or extremely rarely) go past the 20 min mark; it shall be recorded soon after the shows, straight from my heart to your ears.

Simply recorded on my phone and not edited or censored.*

No notes taken! (You know I usually love my notes; not allowing myself to do that this time.)

It won’t be produced by our multi-cultural production company Milk In A Wineglass. I, Yann S., am entirely responsible and accountable for this one under my own French production company Hicks Entertainment.

This new podcast is coming at the very end of July; the first season of 45 episodes should be made available all in one block before the 1st of August 2019.

This new podcast will not try to gain any social media following; I may decide to share the episodes individually and tag the relevant people involved with the production but I’m still undecided about this.

This podcast is called ‘On The Wooden Path‘.

Most shows I’m talking about in Season 1 will not be available to see when you’ll listen to the episodes but the theatre companies and the people behind those still exist and are most of the time worth checking out.

Seasons are divided into legs depending on the location of the shows.

Season 1 mostly concerns London’s West End and New York City’s Broadway as well as short incursions in Glasgow and Greece.

Season 2 will be mostly composed of episodes focused on shows performed during the 2019 edition of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (leg 2) and released on-the-fly to help you make a decision while the shows are still available. A short leg 1 will consist of French shows in Avignon and leg 3 will be mostly London, Glasgow and maybe Broadway again.

The following image is a list (which evolves frequently) of all the shows/events/experiences I booked and I intend to talk about.


NB: Yes, I’ll be plugging The Good, The Bad and the Just Plain Standard extensively on this new show. We’ve got almost 2 years of great content we’re extremely proud of and grateful to have thanks to plenty of wonderful guests and ourselves.

*Now recorded on Zoom H1n.


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